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Outdoor Landscape lights and outdoor lighting  adds a visual appearance to the exterior of your home but it also provides safety and security. Lighting also complements your outdoor security cameras. Here are some of the benefits of both and if you still have questions you can book one of our free consults at the bottom of this page.

Smart Landscape Lighting And Security Cameras NJ


Visual Appealing: Painting your landscape with lighting will make your home more inviting to family and guests,as well as increase your use of the outdoor space. A well designed lighting plan can transform your dim house into a bold, illuminated show home. 

Security:  Dark properties can attract would be burglars. Outdoor lighting is a  great deterrent to thieves who seek out the cover of darkness. Landscape Lighting also improves security camera performance illuminating the area and increasing camera footage clarity.

Safety:  Family and guests accidentally tripping and falling is reduced with lighted pathways and outdoor entertainment spaces. Outdoor activities during the night can be hazardous around childrens toys,& sporting equipment as well as cracked sidewalks, uneven paths . 

HiDEF can help you design a complete backyard oasis.


Free Landscape Lighting and Security Camera Installation Consult

Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Location:  With On average you can secure your property with five cameras. In the correct position they will cover the exterior of your home and a clear shot of your front door porch area. Having your security cameras visible is also a deterrent to potential burglars.

Security Camera Resolution:  The most important spec of any camera is the resolution. A large percentage of cameras are inefficient and will not give provide the details needed to identify suspects and vehicle license plates.

Security Camera Access:  HiDef completes every installation educating you on exactly how to view and download your camera footage. We are always available when it comes to your security and security camera operation. 

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