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HiDEF Insights: What is a Smart Home in 2024?

Updated: Mar 11

Welcome to a conversation that blends innovation and comfort. Join us as we dive into a dialogue between Rob Skuba of National Smart Home and Tony Loizos, the driving visionary behind HiDEF in Red Bank, NJ.

Crestron NYC Smart Home Showroom
Crestron Smart Home Showroom NYC

NSH: We're chatting today with Tony from HiDEF in Red Bank, a leader in home automation. Tony, before we explore today's cutting-edge tech, can you share a bit about the history and Crestron's role in it?

Tony: Gladly, and thanks for the invite. Home automation isn't just a recent trend; it's been evolving for decades. People have always aimed to make their spaces more efficient and adaptable.

The real game-changer was the 1970s, with Crestron entering the scene. They started with something simple: a wireless remote for slide projectors. But as the digital era dawned, Crestron shifted gears, spearheading automated solutions. They made it possible to manage lighting, climate, and security from one place, which was revolutionary back then.

Crestron's innovations paved the way for transforming our living spaces into interactive, intelligent environments that adjust to our lifestyles.

NSH: Tony, in your extensive 25-year career with HiDEF, how do you ensure that the technology you introduce, enriches lives rather than complicates them?

Tony: Great point. Our philosophy at HiDEF revolves around tailoring technology to each individual's specific lifestyle. We don't just add tech for the thrill of it. Yes, we're passionate about outfitting homes with the latest tech, but we always remember that a home is fundamentally a space for connections, memories, and a sense of togetherness. No matter how "smart" we make a home, it must retain that cozy, welcoming essence of "home."

Smart Lighting by Control4
Control4 Smart Lighting

NSH: Tony, can you outline the main benefits homeowners receive from smart technologies?

Tony: Certainly, it brings several standout advantages:

  • Interconnectivity: Devices talk to each other, improving functionality. From shades to thermostats to lights, everything operates in unison.

  • Remote Monitoring: Stay in the know with real-time home updates, offering constant security and peace of mind.

  • Personalized Comfort: Devices adjust to your likes. A smart thermostat, can change based on the weather, keeping you comfortable automatically.

  • Enhanced Security: Always-on systems mean you get instant alerts about unusual activity.

  • Health Monitoring: It's not just about convenience. Our tech also keeps tabs on your family's health and safety.

  • Energy Efficiency: Expect to see savings on your bills thanks to smarter energy use.

  • Leak Prevention: Get immediate notifications about potential leaks to avoid damage.

NSH: How these smart devices fit into everyday routines. Can you guide us through a day in the life of a smart home?

Tony: Absolutely! Imagine this:


  • Wake up naturally, with smart lights gradually brightening to mimic a sunrise.

  • Motorized shades draw back automatically, slowly letting morning light.

  • Instead of a harsh alarm, wake up to your favorite music starting your day on a positive note.

  • Step into the bathroom without touching a switch; lights softly illuminate thanks to motion sensors.

Leaving for Work:

  • As you exit, the smart thermostat switches to save energy, knowing the house is empty.

  • Lights go off, the security system activates, and you can set other devices to your "away" preferences.

Coming Home:

  • Your return triggers the geo-fencing technology; outdoor lights turn on to greet you.

  • Inside, the house is already cozy, with your thermostat adjusting in anticipation of your arrival.


  • Voice commands set the scene for the night. Saying "Evening Relaxation" dims lights, lowers shades, plays soothing music, and adjusts the temperature, crafting the perfect end to your day.

Smart Lighting Systems
Smart Lighting Systems

NSH: Tony, Can you elaborate on the actual energy savings and advantages?.

Tony: Certainly. Automation goes beyond convenience, offering substantial energy savings. Here's how:

  • Motorized Shades: More than luxury, they're key energy savers. In winter, they trap heat, cutting heating needs by up to 30%. Summer sees them reflecting sunlight, reducing AC use. They help lower energy use and extend HVAC lifespan.

  • Smart Lighting: These systems are savvy, adjusting to natural light and user habits. They might use only 70% power on bright days, banking up to 60% energy savings over traditional lights. Plus, motion sensors in places like bathrooms prevent waste, boosting efficiency.

  • Landscape Lighting: Features like time-based controls adjust outdoor lights to daylight changes. Paired with geo-fencing, they ensure a well-lit, safe, and beautiful home when you arrive.

  • Adaptive Thermostats: These learn your schedule, optimizing energy. If you're out weekdays from 9 to 5, they'll switch to economy mode, potentially slashing heating/cooling costs by 20%.

  • Voice Control: In our tech-savvy world, hands-free home control is priceless. Voice commands let homeowners easily adjust various settings, streamlining daily living.

  • Mobile Connectivity: Modern mobile tech keeps us close to home, no matter the distance. With apps, you can oversee and control nearly all home aspects. Forgot if you switched off a light or set the alarm? Just check your phone. Plus, when you're away, your system can mimic occupancy, improving security.

Motorized Blinds
Smart Shades

NSH: Considering the constant advancements in home automation, what future does HiDEF foresee?

Tony: We're looking towards a future where home automation is intensely personalized, with homes truly molded around their inhabitants' needs. At HiDEF, we stay ahead by continuously educating ourselves and partnering with top industry figures. We're not trend followers; we aim to be trendsetters.

NSH: As we wrap up, what would you tell homeowners who are still undecided about diving into home tech?

Tony: Consider the lifestyle you aspire to. If you dream of a home that simplifies daily routines, adapts to your needs, and offers tranquility in a hectic world, then its probably a perfect fit. Despite the tech's sophistication, it's fundamentally about enriching human interactions and moments. Your home remains, first and foremost.

NSH: Tony, exploring the daily workings of a smart home has been truly insightful. It's evident that when properly integrated, technology can elevate our everyday lives, making our homes more intelligent and responsive to our needs. Thanks for these valuable insights.

Tony: The pleasure's been mine. It's important to remember that the core of any smart home is the aspiration to forge a space for making memories, uniting families, and preserving the intrinsic feeling of "home," regardless of the technological enhancements.



47 Broad St.

Red Bank NJ


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