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NJ Attic Home Theater Ideas And Interior Design Tips.

Attic Ideas for home theater surround so

HiDEF of Red Bank NJ traditionally utilizes your attic space for Home Automation, Home Theater and Smart Home components pre-wire. This eliminates clutter and frees up living spaces. However, HiDEF can also reinvent your attic area into a living space with a TV installation or even a home theater, unless you have room in the basement. We always design for the future by implementing wire access from the attic to other critical areas of the home. 

Attic Room Ideas & Design Tips NJ  

Attic Room Idea: Increase the value of your home and living space. Many attics can be finished and give you or your kids a great space for a TV installation, home theater, or listening room to escape into.

Home Automation Rack:  Using the attic to store home automation gear reduces clutter and saves room in the rest of your smart home living spaces.

Smart Attic Ventilation:  Home Automation and entertainment components need to be kept cool. HiDEF can do this while ventilating your entire attic which will keep the rest of your home cooler in the summer months.

Home Automation Wiring:  Using PVC pipe from your attic to other critical areas of your home is convenient for future wire and cable runs. Having these wire runs are important because not everything should be connected via WiFi.

Attic Home Theater Room Ideas Videos and Photo Gallery:

Lets discuss your upcoming Attic transformation.

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