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Mirror TV Installation NJ, smart lighting and Sonos Speaker Systems.

Bathroom Ideas With Mirror TV Installation

Bathrooms are usually not at the top of the list when it comes to smart devices and entertaining experiences but there are some ideas to consider. Adding music, morning news or even a mirror TV that disappears when turned off are extremely popular to help start your morning routine. There are plenty of other smart devices for convenience and safety which HiDEF can help you decide on as well.

Bathroom Ideas & Design Tips NJ

Mirror TV:  Many people get ready for the day watching the news, stock information or morning shows. Our Mirror TV installations keep the space tidy while providing info and entertainment during your busy routine.

In Ceiling Speakers:  If a mirror TV installation is unnecessary, almost every client wants some ambient music in the background of the bathroom. We suggest a Sonos Speaker system, shower speaker or at the very least, a pre-wire for future in ceiling speakers in the bathroom.

Lighting Control:  Having Lutron automated lighting keypads in the bathroom is convenient with lighting scenes and also saves energy. Depending on the time of day and the routine, not all lights need to be on or turned on 100%. Regular light switches can not save energy or be programmed to a scene.

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Bathroom Ideas Checklist

Entry Keypad:  Depending on the conveniences added you may want a Lutron 3 button to 6 button keypad for lighting scenes, speaker and TV control.

Lighting: Bathroom lighting is complex, hi-hats, vanity, shower and many others to consider for bathroom smart lighting scenes.

Speakers:  Most clients install a pair of left and right in ceiling stereo speakers. Depending on the size of the bathroom and surfaces. HiDEF can also provide a Sonos Speaker System or waterproof shower speaker. 

TV Installation:  Smart mirrors and mirror TV' installations have become extremely popular. There is a large selection from different manufacturers and they continue to become less expensive. 

Smart Shower:  Users can set water temp, Water flow rate, and shower duration through voice control, the smartphone app and of course the smart shower's control display,

Mirror TV Installation Photo Gallery

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