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Bedroom Ideas For TV Installation, Lutron Lighting And Sonos Speakers

Luxury Bedroom Ideas With TV Installatio

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be one of the most well planned-out areas in your home. Most of our clients enjoy watching TV before bed or on those cold weekend mornings. A bedside tablet that gives you control or insight to the rest of your smart home is popular as well. Knowing which lights are on with the ability to turn them  off, checking security cameras of just having peace of mind with a panic button in reach can all be discussed during this consultation.

Bedroom Ideas & Design Tips NJ

TV Installation:  Technology should not to take away from the allure of your home or bedroom. There are endless options for a TV Installation including hiding your TV until you are ready to watch it. Call us if you need help deciding on the perfect place to conceal your bedroom TV.

Speakers Or Soundbar:  Sonos speakers systems, soundbar or in ceiling speakers are popular for streaming audio throughout the home. A soundbar is ideal when you can not access the ceiling and want better sound than the TV is capable of.

Smart Lighting Control:  Having Lutron automated lighting in the bedroom is convenient with lighting scenes and also saves energy. HiDef will help you consider how you will monitor your smart home lighting and security cameras. You may need a Lutron keypad wire-run to each bedside or solid WiFi for a Crestron Home Automation touchscreen on the night stand.

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Smart Lighting: From overhead hi-hat lighting to sconces and night table lighting we know the importance of bedroom lighting design. 

Audio:  From a simple Sonos streaming speaker with voice control to 7.2.5 surround sound systems we can educate you and have you experience the differences in our showroom with 9 different audio set ups.. 

Video:  Most bedroom designs today include a TV installation and HiDEF knows how to conceal them. We can also educate you on the difference between size and resolutions as well. 

Control and Monitoring:  Before going to sleep, Crestron home automation and Lutron lighting systems have the ability to tell you what is going on around the house. You can see which lights are on, turn all of them off and set the home security system from your cell phone, bedside touchscreen or keypad. 

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