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Garage Ideas With Crestron Home Automation And Sonos Speaker Installations.

Garage Ideas With TV Installation NJ

HiDef of Red Bank NJ has had the pleasure of designing some very unique garages for car collectors and others that just love to tinker. Smart lighting design over head as well as for work benches and storage areas is always appreciated. We have also installed speakers for background music and televisions for Dads who love to escape into the car-barn. Keypads are also popular to provide entry convenience or putting the smart home to sleep on your way out.

Garage Design Tips & Ideas  NJ

Lighting Control:  Your garage is a main entrance and exit point of your smart home. Think about having a Crestron Home or Lutron keypad at the garage door to activate smart lighting scenes. This allows you to turn on a pathway of lights as you enter the home or make sure all the lights are off when leaving.

Video Surveillance Having an eye on the garage can save time and money. Many clients have garage security cameras to make sure nothing is obstructing the garage doors from fully closing. Security Cameras also give car and bike enthusiasts peace of mind knowing they can check on their vehicles at any time.

Audio Video:  Car enthusiasts and those who tinker appreciate some ambient music or be able to keep score with a TV installation in this space.

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