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HiDEF has been your NJ McIntosh Dealer for over 20 years. We share your passion and always have the latest McIntosh equipment for you to experience in our Monmouth County NJ showroom. We hope the information below translates our passion and respect for McIntosh but we truly hope you stop in and take advantage of HiDEF's incredibly impressive listening rooms. We encourage you to let us know when your in the area and we will leave you in command of your own McIntosh Labs experience. 

Woodstock Famous!

Did you know the iconic Woodstock Festival was powered by McIntosh? It was during that rainy, muddy and exhausting 3 day weekend that over 500,000 people witnessed quality and reliability first hand.


With all the stories you hear about Woodstock you never heard one about the music stopping. So grab your favorite easy chair, sit back and enjoy the historic legacy of McIntosh.

McIntosh Powered Woodstock.jpg

Here are some of the latest products from McIntosh that you have not experienced yet..

McIntosh MC257 Amplifier

Bring your home theater dreams to life with the MC257 7-Channel Power Amplifier. Experience your favorite movies and concerts like never before in your home theater with the sound quality and power only McIntosh can deliver.

7-Channel Solid State Amplifier

  • 250 Watts x 3 Channels; 200 Watts x 7 Channels

  • TripleView™ Power Output Meter

  • 94% increase in Dynamic Headroom

  • Dynamic Power Manager®; Power Guard®

  • Designed for home theaters


McIntosh MTI100 Lifestyle Table

McIntosh brings art to life with all of their products and this lifestyle table is no different. A beautifully crafted turntable with industry precision from an industrial piece of art. Bring your vinyl to life with the MTI100 and experience your favorite tracks for the first time. 

Integrated Turntable

  • A modern home audio system for modern lifestyles

  • Turntable, preamplifier and amplifier all in one

  • Includes Bluetooth® and auxiliary inputs

  • Just add your music and speakers

McIntosh MPC500 Power Controller

Inconsistency in power quality can cause unwanted costly damage to your family of McIntosh devices. Protect your investment with the MPC500 Power Controller. AC power line surge protection from McIntosh designed for your McIntosh components.,

Surge Protection

  • Full mode AC power line surge protection

  • Low voltage secondary surge protection

  • Connect up to 8 components


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*All standard installation will be verified with a FREE in home consultation and sight survey.  At this time the pricing and / or equipment selection will be adjusted if there are any extraneous situations.

*Photos may not be exact products and are for reference only.

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