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Surround Sound Dealer NJ For Dolby Atmos


Dolby Atmos 9.2.4 Surround Sound, Sounds scientific... and it is. From 5.1 Surround Sound to a Dolby Atmos 13.6.8 system we are New Jersey's Home Theater Immersive Sound experts. Of course to enjoy these systems to the fullest we prefer a distraction free space to fully envelop you into your favorite content.

Dolby Atmos And Surround Sound Systems NJ

New Jersey Atmos Surround Sound Installation Dealer

What Is Surround Sound: Surround Sound is an audio output in which surrounds the audience. Surround sound systems use three or more speakers in front and behind the listener to create an envelope with 360 degrees of sound. This is an immersive experience that enhances movie tracks, concerts and video gaming.

What Is Atmos:  A Dolby Atmos surround sound system places speakers above the audience. Atmos is more than just installing a few speakers in the ceiling. An actual Atmos surround sound system allows sound engineers to manipulate distinct audio output frequencies and creates a 3D audio sound field. 

Do I Need Surround Sound: Surround Sound is one principle in an immersive home theater experience. The purpose of surround sound, a big screen and a distraction free space is to help you focus only on the media content being played. This is very difficult to achieve in a standard living room or media room. Think about when you go to a movie theater and all these elements exist but then a baby in the audience starts to cry or someones cell phone rings. These distractions are disturbing because because you were immersed in the content and the outside world dissipated. No matter how many speakers, how large a screen or how much money you spend, you will never be fully immersed unless you eliminate all outside distractions.

Did you know one of the worlds most amazing surround sound experiences is right in NYC.  Let us know if you would like to experience the JBL Synthesis showroom at 527 Madison Ave. 

Free Atmos Surround Sound System  Installation Consult

Surround Sound Installation

Front And Rear Channel:  Surround sound begins with 3 front channel speakers (left center right), 2 rear channels and a subwoofer. Many people ask why they don't here audio from all channels at all times and the answer is, you only hear what is happening from where it is happening. 80% of the dialogue (speech) comes from the center channel and the surrounds add in foot steps, airplanes, or other sounds that are happening off screen. So the only time you will hear audio from the surround sound is when something is approaching or leaving the scene in the video.

Atmos:  The in ceiling speakers are the key to Atmos and what is able to deliver the virtual 3D audio sound field. Two in ceiling speaker are a start and four deliver even more audio detail for an immersive experience. this audio science can make it sound like something is flying from the screen to directly in front of your nose and then to the left or right or right over your head. It is nothing short of an amazing 3D audio experience. 

Subwoofer:  Low frequencies are not directional but add an immersive experience with even more depth and emotion.. These low frequencies give deep impact, from a car crash, explosion or any rumbling that bleeds into you "feeling" the sound, bringing you even further into the content being played.

Atmos Surround Sound Installation Gallery
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