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NJ Dealer For Voice Comtrol And Crestron

Amazon Alexa

Personalizing your home has never felt more individual, with Amazon Alexa connected to a Crestron home automation system, your voice alone has the power to command the world around you.

Voice Control Home Automation Dealer NJ

New Jersey Voice Control

For Home Automation, 

HiDEF is the leading voice control system integrator in NY and NJ. We have been implementing voice control, for handicapped and disabled individuals, even before it became mainstream, empowering them to be more independent. Today voice control is used by everyone to accomplish simple tasks around the home including the ability to turn lights on/off, control your tv, sound system and even your heating and air conditioning.  Read below on how else voice control is changing our lives for the better.

Origin Acoustics Valet Amplifier Voice Control System

Voice Control System: HiDEF will install a complete Origin Acoustics Valet 4-Zone/Room multi-room distributed audio system.  The system will consist of four Amazon Echo Dots concealed in special mounting brackets to disguise them as speakers in the walls or ceiling of the four rooms.  Next, HiDEF will install up to eight in-wall or in-ceiling speakers for the same four rooms.  See images below.

Voice Control Operation: Once the system is installed you will have the ability to walk around your home and engage with Alexa to play music,  ask questions, set timers and use all the Alexa skills available. If you have an existing home control system HiDEF can also integrate the system to perform simple tasks for an additional fee.

System Benefits: The Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa voice control is amazing but due to its small footprint, it does not have the capability of playing high quality audio and rich spacious sound to fill a room or outdoor area.  Since the system is completely flexible HiDEF can use any type of speaker a client prefers or a space requires!  The Origin Valet System also eliminates the counter and room clutter by relocating the Alexa Echo Dot out of sight.

Complete System With Installation Price: $4379

*Substitute 1pr. of outdoor speakers in place of 1pr of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers $199 up charge. 

*All pricing is subject to applicable sales tax.

**All standard installations will be verified by a FREE site survey. At this time the pricing will be adjusted if there are extraneous situation.

*Contact HiDEF for full details on all systems.

Let us introduce you into true voice control with Crestron Home Automation

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Origin Acoustics Valet System  Features and Specifications.

Valet Amplifier: The Origin Acoustics Valet Amplifier is the heart of our whole home voice control system. The Amp has four Alexa Dot inputs and eight 50 watts per channel speaker outputs.  The Valet Amp has four additional auxiliary inputs that can be used for cable boxes, media players and any other audio sources you choose. Each zone also has an output signal to perform functions like muting or pausing the TV. Additional hardware and programming may be necessary for this function. 

Alexa Dot Mounting: Origin Acoustics in ceiling and in wall Alexa Dot mounting brackets allow for a nearly invisible installation. 

This set up typically accommodates four zones (rooms) with a pair of in wall or in ceiling speakers in each zone. We can adjust the system configuration to your needs as necessary. 

New Jersey Voie Contol Installation Dealer

Origin Acoustics Valet System For Alexa Voice Control  Photo Gallery

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