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TV when ON - Mirror when OFF

with Custom Framed Mirror TVs

Custom framed Mirror TVs transform any room in your home. A black plastic TV goes away when it  is concealed with our amazing proprietary TV Mirror glass. Hidden televisions are the hottest design trend and only Reflectel offers custom crafted framing options. A Reflectel Mirror TV isn’t simply a television or a mirror, it’s both!

What is a mirror TV and how custom can Reflectel and HiDEF design one for your home?

Check out the video to answer all your mirror TV questions.

Design Process

The first step when purchasing a mirror TV is to discuss a design that is perfect for you. HiDEF and Reflectel have professional interior designers or we can work with your interior designer. Reflectel also offers complimentary Photoshop imagery of YOUR home with THREE frames you choose to envision how spectacular a TV Mirror will look in your home. Every room deserves the benefit of a custom framed mirror TV to expand the appearance of the room and bounce light around for a more harmonious and cheerful space. In an industry littered with mediocre options and cookie cutter design, Reflectel raises the bar with the maximum customization. 

Mirror TV Installation New Jersey
New Jersey Mirror TV Installation



No more black plastic on your walls! AV Integrators have long known the “secret” of hidden television technology! Reflectel is a the back room designer for many of the most prestigious Crestron dealers like Hidef of Monmouth County New Jersey. Our reach is well beyond the New York Tri State area; we design and collaborate with homeowners in Florida,  Maine and everyplace in between! 


Reflectel has a rich history in artful frame design and are master frame makers with decades of experience.

We understand every home has a unique character and deserves the perfect frame. Why settle for a cookie cutter frame when your interior was designed with your personal taste in mind? Frames are brilliant additions to any interior. In conclusion our collection is unmatched. Here is a sample of the hundreds of frame options available.

Custom Mirror TV Shapes And Sizes


Only Reflectel Mirror TV offers the three best orientations and contours for your Mirror TV. For the first time you can choose from Landscape, Square, Portrait and Plus models. Our Landscape is the ONLY Edge-to-Edge Mirror TV in industry without a mirror border! No one will have the slightest idea that behind your stunning circular or geometric contour mirror is a top of the line LG, Sony, or Samsung TV. Your Mirror TV is an ambient mirror when off and programming of your choice when on. You can display art work on your QLED TVs or art videos and slide shows on your OLED. Reflectel is the most versatile decor appliance in the home.

Landscape, Square, Portrait, and Plus

Custom Mirror TV NJ
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