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Basement Home Theater Ideas, Game Room or Bar Room.

Basement Ideas Home Theater Game Room an

There is no shortage of Basement ideas to borrow from to create your favorite space. Bar Room, Home Theater, Game Room, Media Room, Play Room... Ask HiDEF to help you create an escape space for you and your family that will easily become the most popular room in your home. 

Basement Home Theater Ideas NJ

Home Theater Ideas:  Many people hear the word home theater and dismiss it as a room to watch movies. The important element and functionality of a home cinema is removing distractions. Whether you are going in alone to watch a sporting event, gathering with friends to watch a concert or cuddling up with the family for a regularly scheduled movie night, there is no better room than an escape room (home theater). As soon as you close the door, the outside world evaporates, stress declines and you are lost in an experience for a few hours, that will reset your mind. 

Game Room Ideas :  The most popular space in the home besides the kitchen is the game room.  We have created some of the most entertaining spaces on the Jersey shore and Manhattan. We will listen to your expectations and help you design some ideas for a basement game room. We can include authentic full size video games, pool tables, Foosball, darts and any other of your favorite games. We can also ad background music and strategically placed displays for sporting events. 

Bar Room Ideas: What home theater of game room would be complete without a wet bar? HiDEF NJ  has the trade relationships to fulfill your expectations of a beautiful wet bar in your basement or other space. We can help you design something luxurious and reserved or happening and chic'. Lighting design is crucial in the planning stage, maybe some pendant lights over the bar and some accent lighting around the bar top will give the right mood. Mirror TV's and speakers should be considered as well.

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Lets discuss your basement ideas.

Basement Ideas Checklist

Access:  How will you enter the Basement? HiDEF can design a sliding door, hidden door or other stylish basement doorway for this space. We can show you hidden doors that look like a book shelf or other non-suspecting entry way or a fun replica of a bank vault.

Smart Lighting: What kind of lighting will be needed and where will the light switches go? We can discuss the purpose of Lutron smart lighting with hi-hats, track lighting and other smart light options. These can dim automatically when a movie starts or give the correct ambiance in a bar room or game room.

Home Theater Seating and Bar Stools:  You will work directly with our interior designer to pick out the best seat for any experience. Nice comfortable bar stools in any style as well as deep lush theater seats that recline are all part of the complete package.

Streaming Audio:  Sonos Speakers, Two channel HiFi Audiophile listening rooms or 7.2.5 surround sound systems are all options we can discuss, and you can experience in our red Bank NJ Showroom. 

TV & Projector Installation:  TV installations are the norm but Projection screens have come a a long way just as projectors have. We can show you the different resolutions and screen sizes in our Showroom.

Design:  Rustic, modern, contemporary or an "extreme fan" theme? Crestron home automation or a simple remote? HiDEF will help you choose the right design to convert your basement into your escape oasis.

Basement Home Theater Ideas Photo Gallery

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