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Laundry Room Ideas With Sonos Speakers, Lutron Lighting and TV Installation.

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Does it get any worse? The laundry room is probably the most unpopular space to enter and always seems like forever while your in there. However, HiDef of Red Bank NJ can bring magic into every space of your smart home with streaming audio from Sonos speakers and maybe even a TV installation in this area. Lutron and Crestron Home Automation can also save time and money on your energy bill with smart lighting.

Laundry Room Ideas & Design Tips NJ

Smart Laundry Lighting:  With Lutron lighting scenes you can set the mood or scene depending on the activity. Whether you need optimal lighting to see those stubborn stains or automated lighting when you enter and exit the laundry room, it is all reasonably possible with Lutron.

Laundry Entertainment:  For larger households laundry is a daunting chore and you can relieve some  dirty nuances with Sonos speakers for background music or a TV installation.

Smart Laundry:  Today's laundry appliances offer smart control and alerts. Having some of these features will save you time and money on your energy bill.

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