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Walk In Closet Ideas With Lutron Smart Lights,  Sonos Speakers. And TV Installation NJ.

Luxury Walk In Closet Ideas TV Installat

A smart home is not complete without a well thought out smart walk-in closet. Music can ad ambiance to start your day off right, especially while getting ready. Smart lighting design makes sure everything is properly lit and lights are never left on. Our smart walk-in closet designs also provide security for your jewelry and other valuables in this room as well.

Walk In Closet Ideas & Design Tips NJ

Lighting:  Lighting your walk in closet properly takes experience and thoughtfulness. Using Lutron smart lighting with Hi-Hats, under cabinet lighting and track lighting we will make sure everything is visible at all times of the day and night.

Music And TV:  Larger walk in closets are used as a privacy room. You may want Sonos in ceiling speakers for background music or a TV installation to catch your morning show while getting ready for the day.

Security:  Walk in closets are the perfect place to keep valuables safe. HiDef of Red Bank NJ has created entire safe spaces for affluent clients with everything from panic buttons to intruder proof environments for the entire family. You can also monitor everything that's going on around the home through a security camera display system.   

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