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#1 Home Theater Ideas For Amazing Home Theater Installations

Home Theater Ideas For Amzing Home Theater Installations

Home theater ideas are the first step in the home theater room process! What will it look like, how will it sound? Whether you are going in alone to watch a sporting event, gathering with friends to watch a concert or cuddling up with the family for a regularly scheduled movie night, you are going to want the room to be welcoming, comfortable and impressive. As soon as you close the door, the outside wold evaporates, stress declines and you are lost in an experience for a few hours that will refresh your mind. You may want to consider using your attic as a home theater space as well.

Home Theater Ideas

Dedicated Space:  The magic of a Home Theater NJ is a distraction free zone that only allows you to focus on the content being played. A big screen, surround sound and comfy seats are great but the isolation away from the outside world is the key to being immersed in a story. Visiting this "escape room" is a great way to re-set your mood right in your own home.

Overall Design:  There is not a "one home theater design fits every family". You want to design a theme your entire family will enjoy. Seating is also an option, some mix it up with theater seating up front, a sofa in the middle and a bar with stools in the back. Bean bags are great too.

Budget:  No reason to panic or shy away from having the most popular room in your home a reality, HiDEF of Red Bank NJ has complete NJ Home Theater packages starting under $8,999. These Home Theater Installation Packages come complete with 4k projector, 100" 4k Screen, 5.1 Surround Sound and 4 Home Theater Seats.

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Home Theater Ideas Checklist

Entry:  Designing a proper entry way to your home theater builds anticipation and sets the mood.

Smart Lighting: Think about Lutron smart lighting or Crestron Home Automation keypads for overhead lighting, sconces and step lighting. We know the importance of home theater lighting design and ready to help. 

Home Theater Seating:  Traditional home theater seating can define a home cinema but there are other options including sofas, love seats and even bean bags to accommodate everyone.

Surround Sound:  From Dolby 5.1 to 7.2.5 Atmos surround systems we can help you understand the differences in 5 different theaters in our NJ showroom.

Projection Screen:  Projection screens have come a a long way just as projectors have, We can have you experience different screen sizes, screen resolutions and how bight and detailed they are in complete daylight with 5 different set ups in our NJ showroom.

4K Projector Selection, Installation And Service

Projector Choice:  Today's projectors are not like your grandfather's projection system. With high lumen (light) output, you can watch crisp 4k content in your living room during the brightest time of day.

Projector Price: What When you consider some 110" TV's can cost $50k or more, HiDEF can give you the same 4k experience with a projection system for a fraction of that with a much larger screen. 

Projector Service:  Cooling, noise and bulb life are no longer concerns when it comes to today's projectors. Expected bulb life now exceeds ten years, even if your watching with it for 8 hours a day. The future of Hi-Res video viewing is with a projection system. Call HiDef to discuss these inexpensive but impactful solutions.

Home Theater Design Ideas:  HiDef of Red Bank NJ believes the entire room should be an expression and a presentation before your escape begins, Until the lights go down we want to design a room that your and your family are completely relaxed in.

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