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Outdoor TV Ideas And Installation For New Jersey 

Outdoor TV Ideas and  Installation  for NJ

New Jersey, Looking for outdoor TV ideas or installation? Your backyard is an oasis where you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. When it comes to creating the perfect backyard for entertaining, there are plenty of options including outdoor speakers, landscape lighting and even Outdoor WiFi access points.  The initial design will depend on what is important to you and your family. If you’re looking to create the perfect backyard entertainment area, HiDEF of Red Bank NJ has some ideas to inspire you including these outdoor speakers with lights built in. 

Outdoor TV Ideas and Installations

Probably the most popular technology that has emerged over the last few years is the outdoor TV installation. With recent events and everyone finding comfort at home this is truly a great outdoor escape! Now, where do you put it?

Through the pinterest outdoor TV idea gallery below you can see there is no shortage of installation ideas. You can also see the advantage of going with an outdoor projector if you will only be watching after sunset. 

Where ever you decide to install your outdoor TV it will create another living space in your home to enjoy anytime of day. Some go as far as calling it an outdoor living room. Click Here for the gallery and let us know if you have a different idea.

Outdoor TV Installation NJ Patio Sea Bri

Amazing Outdoor TV Ideas

How much abuse can an outdoor TV take?

Contact us now so you and your family are ready for fun in the sun this summer.

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Outdoor TV Ideas and Outdoor Technology Design Checklist

Outdoor TV Installation and Outdoor Projector Screen: 

You no longer have to decide if you are going to relax by the pool or watch the summer Olympics. Enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows anytime with an outdoor TV. Televisions manufactured specifically for outdoor use look great and some models are even designed to be viewed in direct sunlight.  We can also help you with an outdoor projector screen and projector. The first decision For your outdoor TV installation is where it will be mounted and how you will get the necessary wires to it. We recommend running the wires through conduit to keep them safe and secure. Will the TV be mounted on a wall or to a pole? You will also want to know what sources will be played on the TV and if the TV sound will be sufficient. Don't forget to purchase an all weather cover that protects your investment from the elements. 

Outdoor speakers:   Let the music play! The most common backyard ideas start with an outdoor sound system. HiDEF has a huge selection of outdoor speakers to accommodate the most discerning ears and eyes. these outdoor systems are also very simple to control and have a low cost of entry to get the party started. When deciding on an outdoor speaker system you will need to map out the location of the speakers and how you will get outdoor speaker wire to each. You will also need to decide on what type of speaker and what will power them. Finally, you will need to know how the playlists and volume will be controlled. Check out our best outdoor speakers for 2024 blog and learn everything you need to know about these outdoor systems. We also discuss in depth outdoor satellite and surface mount speakers.

Landscape Lighting: Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting have evolved from just floodlights. Similar to indoors, outdoor lighting creates ambiance with landscape lighting scenes. From your cell phone or a local Lutron keypad, you can dim the mood lighting or turn it fully on when the party is over or it's time to clean up. You can also have automated lighting scenes for every day of the week. When considering outdoor lighting, you want to map out your seating areas, pathways, and high-traffic areas. This will help you decide where to run the power wires, how much light will be needed in each area the type of fixture for that space. You want acceptable lighting for guests in these areas as well as excellent lighting when looking out from inside the house. You will also want to think about where the light switches will be placed indoors and out. Your outdoor lighting can also be placed on the astronomical clock for automatic scheduling. 

WiFi:  Do you need connectivity for your outdoor TV installation, Sonos outdoor speaker system or your laptop to get some work done outdoors? HiDEF has you covered with outdoor WiFi. We can extend your network anywhere in your yard, even down to your boat dock. How large of an area are you looking to cover? Depending on your applications, you can choose a directional or omnidirectional outdoor wifi antenna. You will also need to run a cable from your indoor network to your outdoor wifi antenna. Don't forget to set up security permissions for your outdoor wif system as well.

Control:  Whether you are planning for a small outdoor speaker system or a full blown backyard projector screen with surround sound and landscape lighting you will need simple control. All of these devices can be integrated into your home control system remote or controlled by your phone. You may also consider integrating access to these devices through your Alexa voice control devices. 

Outdoor TV Installation Ideas

Outdoor TV Ideas and Installations NJ
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