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Caseta Lighting Store NJ


Never come home to a dark house again! With Lutron Caseta Smart lighting you can set unique lighting scenes, automate lighting and save energy. This system can sense your arrival through your cell phone and have lights come on just before you pull in the driveway!  Sound expensive? Caseta is the most affordable and reliable smart lighting system available on the market today. Continue down the page to understand everything you need to know about Smart lighting for your New Jersey home.



We think you will be surprised how enlightening it can be!


Caseta was created in 2014 by Lutron, the manufacturers of RadioRa2 and Homeworks lighting systems. Lutron has been the leader in lighting control, since 1959 when they invented the first in-wall dimmer.  With today's technology and over 2700 patents later Lutron is still setting the mood with dimmers, but with an extremely smart and affordable system for the masses. Caseta allows you to control up to 50 devices in your home, including lights, plug-in lamps, ceiling fans and an array smart home devices including Sonos and Serena motorized shades. You also have the ability to create "scenes".schedules or adjust any device from anywhere in the world. There are way too many scenarios to list here on a single web page but be confident if you can think it HiDEF of Monmouth County can do it. Here are some of the popular advantages of Caseta.


Lighting Control: With Lutron smart lighting you are in control from anywhere on the palnet. Using the lutron lighting app you can monitor which lights are on, or turn a few off while your away on vacation. You no longer have to get out of a warm bed at night and walk over to turn lights off, you can do this from a bedside keypad or your phone as well. 

Automated Lighting:  With Lutron automated lighting your exterior lights can be programmed to come on 15 minutes after sunset and turn off at any time you like, automatically. You can also have your bedroom light or any light on an automated schedule, even making sure all lights are off at 1am.

Lighting Scenes: With Lutron lighting scenes you can set the mood with a simple button press. In the kitchen you may have a cooking scene, dining scene and clean up scene that includes your favorite playlist playing from your Sonos speakers.. You can also light a dim path from your bedroom to the baby's room or a dim path down to the kitchen for a midnight snack run. An automated security scene makes sure all the lights come on in the home and your motorized shades fully open. 


Hover over the images below to see how smart lighting design can really make things simple in and around your New Jersey home. There is no need to worry about remodeling your home or running wires, Caseta replaces your current traditional light switches and communicates wirelessly with Lutron's patented technology Clear Connect. This is a powerful and proven frequency that will assure your lights respond just as they did before you upgraded. The Lutron Pico is an extremely valuable device as well. Imagine putting a light switch exactly where you wanted without tearing into sheet rock or wallpaper. No one will ever know its not wired and runs on batteries because the aesthetics perfectly match all the other dimmers in your home. How long do the batteries last? I can honestly tell you I put my Pico in the kitchen over 4 years ago and have yet changed the battery. If you need any help with design or product selection give s a call and speak to one of our lighting experts.

Lutron Caseta Lighting New Jersey
Lutron Caseta Lighting NJ
Lutron Caseta  New Jersey
Lutron Caseta  NJ
Caseta Lighting New Jersey
Caseta Lighting New Jersey
Caseta  New Jersey
Caseta  NJ
Caseta Lighting Store


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