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Living Room Ideas for TV Installation, Sonos Surround Sound And Crestron Home Automation NJ.

Luxury Living Room Ideas TV Installation

Its called a Living Room for a reason... Its lively and where the "living" happens! These spaces are different than a dedicated home theater, they are more open, well lit and ready for conversation or celebration. It should also be an easily "controlled" room with a large TV screen and surround sound. With Crestron home automation and Lutron lighting, a simple button press can ready your entire living room for a memorable experience.

Living Room Ideas & Design Tips NJ 

Living In The Room:  HiDef of Red Bank NJ can make any room entertaining and enjoyable for you and your guests but there is no room like the living room. Its the go-to room and gathering place next to the kitchen. 

Sitting In The Room:  We have walked into many living rooms that lacked attention to detail even on something as simple as the seating arrangements. Let us help you design the space for optimal conversation, TV viewing, Surround Sound listening and celebrating for every gathering.

Living Room Lighting And entertainment:  Living Rooms are the most versatile rooms in the smart home. Whether its just you reading a book, a conversation with a friend or the center of a family party we design these spaces with all this in mind. Lutron smart lighting control to set the mood, one press surround sound entertainment and of course a simple button to turn it all off.

Living room ideas blog: Thinking about a living room renovation? Click Here 

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Smart Living Room Checklist

Smart Lighting: From overhead Hi-Hats, Sconces and end table lighting we know the importance of living room lighting design. 

Seating:  Planning out the space correctly optimizes every seat for TV viewing, surround sound and proper lighting.  

Whole House Audio:  From a Sonos Speaker, 2 channel audiophile stereo speakers or 7.2.5 surround Sound systems we can educate you in our showroom with 9 different audio experiences.

Video:  TV Installation is the norm but projection screens have come a a long way just as projectors have. You can see the different screen sizes and resolution with 7 video live displays in our showroom.

Home Automation:  Using Crestron Home Automation and Lutron Smart Lighting you can easily set the scene and the mood with a simple press of a button. You can also make quick adjustments or turn it all off with another button press.

Living Room Ideas Photo Gallery

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