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Connectivity is king and we understand networks. Everything in our world is about being connected and many people don not understand exactly how many devices are connected and the limits of their existing or future network. A great WiFi or wired network installation begins with planning and design. Knowing the number of devices with the number of people and their network usage routine is important. Continue down this page to see the benefits of using HiDEF of Red Bank NJ's experienced staff in home and commercial networking.

WiFi And Network Installation NJ

New Jersey WiFi Network Installation

WiFi And Wired Solutions: Just because it is a WiFI device does not mean that is the best way for connectivity. Anything that can be hardwired to a router or network switch should be. WiFi networks can only handle a certain amount of "bandwidth"  (Data Packets). Connecting every smart TV (playing Netflix) and every PlayStation game console to WiFi will drain the network and result in a very unhappy family.  Call HiDEF or book one of our consults below to easily understand how to get connected, its free.

Network Security:  Everyday a new IOT device is born and looking for connectivity, that means more vulnerability. HiDef can empower you with the tools to see who is on the network and how to remove them if need be.  We also only deploy equipment we know and trust from our own homes.

Data Back up And Storage: From family photos to sensitive office documents HiDEF has an experienced staff in saving and storing your personal or business data  securely.

Is your network lagging? We can help!

Free WiFi Network Installation Consult

WiFi And Network Installation

Modem - Router Then Switch:  Your basic network consist of a modem that connects your home to the internet. Your modem connects to a router that creates a network in your home with the devices that are connected to it. A switch may be needed to extend the number of ports ("sockets") for hard wired devices.  

WiFi Access Points:  WiFi Access Points (WAP) allow you to extend the range of the WiFi signal further away from the router.  We can set up multiple access points inside your home and even outside with outdoor weatherproof WiFi Access Points.

Network Pre-Wire:  If you think about the telephone and cable wire in your home now you can easily understand why a pre-wire plan has to be implemented for the future. Even if you do not currently have a smart refrigerator or appliance your investing in the inevitable future. Make sure you run a reasonable amount of wire to cover you and the next owners needs. relying on WiFi is a mistake everyone will pay for in years to come.

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