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New Jersey Kitchen Ideas With Voice Control, TV Installation and Sonos In Ceiling Speakers.

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The Kitchen is the most popular space in the home. Whether its a quiet family night dinner or the entire family gathering for a special holiday, the kitchen is the heart of the home. HiDef of Red Bank NJ has designed kitchens that make chores easier, entertain and relax everyone in the room. With proper lighting design, speaker and TV placement coupled with voice control we will really get you cooking in the kitchen. 

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Smart Kitchen Lighting:  With Lutron smart lighting scenes you can set the mood or scene depending on the activity. Whether you need optimal lighting for cooking, ambient lighting for dining or every light on at 100% to clean up its all one button press away. Lutron smart lighting also helps you save on your energy bill. 

Kitchen Entertainment:  We remember the days of a cluttered counter with a barely heard transistor radio and never knowing what the score of the game was while preparing meals. Sonos speakers and TV installations has changed all this for 2020 and we keep everything aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Kitchen:  Voice control is most beneficial in the kitchen. Alexa: "Set a timer for 15 minutes"; "How many ounces are in a cup"; "turn on clean up scene"; are only a few examples of how Alexa voice control can make kitchen life easy and fun. 

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Smart Lighting: From overhead lighting, under cabinet lighting to lighting focused on the cooking areas we know the importance of kitchen lighting scenes and design. 

Whole House Audio:  The kitchen is a main hub and one of the most popular gathering spaces in the home where you should consider in-ceiling speakers or a single Sonos speaker with voice control. 

TV Installation:  Many sports fanatics have a TV installed in the kitchen so they never miss a moment of the action. It's also convenient and entertaining when cooking or doing kitchen chores.

Voice Control:  As we mentioned above, voice control is extremely beneficial in the kitchen. Your voice assistant can help you turn on and off lights and other devices when your hands are full as well as provide quick recipe information and timers.

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