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Whether you trying to decide if you need a home theater or you are ready to discuss the details HiDEF of Red Bank NJ can help you. A home theater is a dedicated room in your New Jersey home that eliminates distractions while providing an immersive experience for you and your family. Imagine a room that allows you to disappear from the world for a little while and immerses your in a movie, concert, video game or just a great Netflix binge.  when you really understand the effect of a home theater room you will be wondering why you have not made the investment sooner. HiDEF believes in the value of a Dedicated home theater room and have some extremely budget minded packages starting at $7999, complete with seating. Our home theater NJ showroom has 6 different rooms for you to experience before you decide on budget. Check out the video below and see if you agree that these experiences are a lot more than we realize-

New Jersey Home Theater Installation


Home Theater Design: The first step after you have taken time to experience a home theater is a design that is unique to you. HiDEF has professional interior designers and works with our clients interior designer to make sure the room is perfect. You can start deciding on a design through the images below and sharing your preferences, by sharing a photo of an interior design idea, or discussing with us your favorite movie, sports team or other theme based ideas.

Where should I put my home theater? 

Many families decide to put their dedicated home theater in the basement. It is the most optimal for a few reasons. A home theater needs to be dark, this allows you to only focus on the screen. They should also be enclosed dedicated spaces without other activities happening in the room to distract you. The basement is also a great barrier for noise either coming from the surround sound system into other rooms or other outside ambient noise bleeding into the home theater.

If you do not have a basement we have families that remodeled an old home office, unused bed room, attic space and even in a barn. We do offer sound deadening and building the theater into a "floating room" or "suspended room" which is optimal for sound proofing. 

Room Size:  One of the best room sizes for your New Jersey home theater installation is 8ft high X 10ft wide X 12ft deep. A room this size is optimal because of the way sound waves behave. Unfortunately you would probably be limited to four seats. A medium sized theater will usually have 6-10 seats, enough for the family and a few guests. To optimize this size room we could make it a trapagon. A trapagon is designed with a narrower and lower height in the front of the theater that gets wider and higher toward the back of the room. This is popular for audiophile listening rooms as well. You will also need space for your home theater system, the electronics and control system will be stored here.

The Entry: The door of your home theater should be located in the back. This reduces any light or distractions coming into the theater while guests are immersed in an experience. It can also be something fun like a hidden bookshelf entry or bank vault door. Outside the theater is where the anticipation starts so you may want to consider the design leading into the theater as well.

The Ceiling:  Many times by default a home theater ceiling is either neglected or designed with a traditional starry ceiling. HiDEF NJ would rather discuss a more personal presentation that fits your interests or completes the theaters theme.  We absolutely love a starry ceiling but we also like designing complete opulent home theaters that are beyond traditional design.

The Walls: The walls are an essential part of any home theater. Eliminating distractions is one of the key elements and purposes of a dedicated home theater. The walls will hold the in-wall speakers, sound proofing material as well as reflection and absorption panels to optimize the audio experience.  The wall coverings are your choice  of unlimited design and decor. 

The Floor: The floor is also critical in proper home theater deign. A hard surface will reflect more sound and may create an echo while carpet will absorb the sound and allow deeper bass. The sound can be calibrated to make up for different surfaces but there are always basic guidelines we should follow when trying to achieve the best home theater experience. The floor will also need a riser platform for seating behind the front row. From the second row back each row should be raised about 7 3/4" higher than the row in front of it. This obviously allows for everyone to have a clear view of the screen.

The Seating: Home theater seating is essential for comfort but does not have to break the budget. Traditional theater seats are most popular but everyone has an indivual taste. Traditional theater seating is a leather recliner with arm rests on both sides. This may be great for public spaces but many of our clients like to use long couches or double love seats for the entire family to hang out on. Bean bags are also popular for additional seating. To get the most seating spaces we usually design a small bar in the back of the theater room with several bar stools to accommodate surprise guests.

The Lighting: Home theater lighting has many facets too. the main lights are usually hi-hats that are used when entering and exiting the theater. Track lighting is used between the seats to see where the aisles and stairs are while sconces and LED lighting can set the mood. 

The Surround Sound: HiDEF NJ is your surround sound experts with a trained staff to calibrate your home theater system. Speaker choice is according to the entire system budget and speaker placement is according to the amount of speakers you choose. We only recommend in wall speakers for the best sound experience. You can learn all about surround sound and dolby atmos here.

The Projector: The main ingredient for your New Jersey home theater is the projector. Projectors have become extremely inexpensive with amazing 4k technology. The projector should be equivalent to the rest of the gear in your home theater. In other words when you decide on a budget the projector and screen should not be astronomical compared to the rest of the theater components. We can help you with these decisions and show you which projectors are the best value in our Monmouth County Nj home theater showroom. 

The Projector Screen: After you have decided on the best home theater projector for your budget we will choose the right projection screen. The size, color, gain and other specifications are included in the science based decision process. Screens can also be fixed or motorized to disappear into the ceiling.

The Electronics or Rack: The heart of your home theater system is everything electronic that process's and outputs the audio and video correctly to the projector and screen. This can include a home theater receiver or separate components like a pre-amp and amp. Other components like a media server, cable box, gaming system, streaming audio, surge protection and other devices should be considered as well.

The Control: Your home theater is a very complex space as you can see. Having a simple control interface allows one button touch to turn everything on or off and makes it easy for selecting content. This also helps you control the lighting and room temperature during your home theater experience. These features can of course all be tied into your home automation system.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact us for a free home theater consultation. HiDEF has installed some of the best home theaters in the country and we will exceed your expectations. Click Here or visit our home theater showroom in Monmouth County NJ.

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