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New Jersey Smart Home Office WiFi Network, Lutron Lighting and Phone System Installations

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Its called a home office for a reason... Its where the official work is complete and where the bills are paid. Similar to home theaters that isolate and allow you to focus on a story, the home office should be a distraction free space that allows you to focus on your work. Having a solid WiFi network, reputable phone system and proper lighting is the beginning to helping you get through the day. HiDef of Red Bank NJ has also installed Sonos speakers and Televisions as a part of many smart home office projects.

Home Office Ideas & Design Tips NJ

Network Installation:  WiFi Networks are the backbone of any smart home and an absolute necessity in your home office. Slow upload and down load speeds can be crippling and the office network should not be shared with Netflix bingers' or gamer's. Your the boss and we want you to have the best home office experience available. 

Phone System Installation:  The office phone must be clear with modern features to keep you in the conversation. HiDef of Red Bank NJ  understands the office phone importance and we keep our staff trained on up to date phone systems and the latest programming practices. 

Smart Lighting:  We have designed home offices with Lutron lighting control, Crestron home automation, TV installation and even surround sound systems. Let us help you make your home office energetic and efficient.

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