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Outdoor speakers with lights by Radiance, a complete guide.

Updated: Apr 18

The Best Landscape Lights With Outdoor Speaker System
The Best Outdoor Speaker System With Lights

Do you remember the first time you had peanut with chocolate? Or home-shopping experience? Yes, this new combination of an outdoor speaker and light is Radiance by Snap-One, and you will not forget the first time you cranked them up! Then as the sun sets their optional light provides the perfect ambiance to keep the party going. You may have come across portable Bluetooth speakers with a light, which we will feature in an upcoming blog, but this article is for homeowners looking for a more elegant, permanent solution. These have multiple applications including wall mount, spike in the ground and an elegant pendant hanger.

Whether you are looking for a quality landscape light or an immersive outdoor speaker, these will impress you. Snap-One "Episode" Series speakers and subwoofers have always provided great outdoor speaker solutions and adding a 300-lumen light output is epic. This means less wire and fewer components spread throughout your property. Did we mention both audio and light are dispersed 360 degrees? Call or Email us to schedule a free on-site demonstration or continue down to learn more. Have questions? Each inquiry helps us all learn together.


II. Welcome to Episode® Radiance Sound and Light System by snap AV.

Shopping for landscape lighting or outdoor speakers are both pretty serious, and we are always about simplifying your journey. This all in one solution means less time shopping, less devices to blend into your property and less installation time, which means lower costs. You can also start with the speakers and add the light later or just continue building the system any way you want. Let's check the features and benefits of each component.

Landscape Light Radiance Series By Episode
Radiance By Episode Landscape Light

Lighting by Episode® Radiance:

The system's lighting component was engineered for flexibility with a beautiful exterior design. Whether setting the mood for a quiet evening or providing ample light for a large gathering, adding the perfect ambiance and more safety. These LED lights emit up to 300 lumens, which is more than enough to deter would-be thieves, making your property more secure. The Episode Radiance light modules have a power output of 7W and feature a standard color temperature of 2700K, similar to many popular solutions on the market. Another feature is their variable lighting patterns Select up spot, downwash, or both to design either standard or custom landscaping patterns simply by flipping a switch. Check out our mini guide below to help you understand the best lighting strategies..


Radiance Outdoor Speaker By Episode
Episode Outdoor Speaker By Radiance

Sound by Episode® Radiance:

Radiance is an innovative bollard speaker type that delivers 360-degrees of sound. This bollard-style speaker ensures that sound is evenly dispersed, eliminating the age old "can you turn it down, its too loud over here" While someone across the pool is asking you to turn it up cause they can't hear it.. These outdoor speakers have a 3" full range driver with a frequency response of 140Hz - 20KHz (with DSP) and you can add a subwoofer if you looking for lower notes. They also have adjustable power settings for different size set-ups and sound quality, which we can discuss during our complimentary walk through.

Helping you configure Your Radiance System

Here are streamlined guidelines to optimize both lighting and audio setups:


Lighting Strategies:

Pathway Lighting:

  • Place lights 6 to 10 feet apart for continuous, even illumination.

  • Ambient/Accent Lighting:

  • Adjust the spacing between 10 to 15 feet based on desired aesthetic and garden features.

Security Lighting:

  • For areas like entryways, use a tighter spacing of 5-6 feet to ensure no dark spots.


Audio Setup:

Speaker Placement:

  • Position speakers about 12 to 15 feet apart to achieve a uniform sound field that overlaps slightly, ensuring consistent coverage and great sound.

This approach ensures your outdoor areas are effectively lit and sonically enriched, providing a perfect setting for any occasion.


Radiance Outdoor Speaker System With Lighting By Episode
Outdoor Speaker System With Lighting By Radiance

III. Unmatched Quality and Durability

The Episode® Radiance series exemplifies robust construction and reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for homeowners in New Jersey, known for its diverse weather conditions.


Durable Construction:

The Radiance line-up is all crafted from high-quality metal. It is designed to endure harsh elements without compromising on appearance or functionality. From the freezing winters to ocean-front properties, these have been tested to last.

Advanced Protection Features:

Each component is IP66 rated, meaning they are dust resistant and protected against heavy streams of water.

The UV-resistant coating on each product prevents sun damage, ensuring that they maintain their color and integrity even after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

These features collectively guarantee that the Episode® Radiance not only meets the highest standards of durability and weather resistance but also continues to operate flawlessly for years.


Available In Ground Spike, Wall, Surface and Pendant Mount
Available In-Ground Spike, Wall, Surface and Pendant Mount

IV. Aesthetic and Functional Flexibility

The Episode® Radiance series stands out for its exceptional adaptability in both design and function, offering homeowners the ability to tailor their outdoor audio and lighting to exactly fit their space and style preferences.

  • Modular Design: The modular design means you can design your outdoor setup to meet specific aesthetic or functional needs. Whether you're lighting a cozy garden nook or looking for a sound system around the entire backyard, this is an amazing value.

  • Mount Choices: Multiple mounting options are available—including stake, wall, surface, and pendant—and these components can be installed in a wide range of settings. This variety ensures that there's a set-up regardless of your garden's layout or your patio's design.

  • Color Variations: Hoping there are some choices that blend with your style and design? Choose between classic black or sleek white finishes to complement your outdoor décor.

This combination of modular construction and diverse design choices ensures that every Radiance installation is unique and perfectly aligned with your vision, enhancing the beauty and usability of any outdoor area.


V. Simplified User Experience

The Episode® Radiance series enhances your outdoor living with not only its aesthetics and durability but also through a user-friendly interface that simplifies the control of both lighting and sound systems. Here’s how easy it is to manage your outdoor environment with Radiance:


Effortless Audio Connectivity:

Connect Radiance landscape speakers directly to your existing Sonos system or any other streaming service. This setup allows for effortless audio management through a familiar mobile app interface. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening, your perfect sound setting is at your fingertips.

Intelligent Lighting Solutions:

Set up lighting schedules via your mobile app to automatically turn them on after sunset and turn off sometime before sunrise, or manually turn them on and off.

Together, these features offer a streamlined, intuitive experience that puts you in control of your outdoor space.


VI. Importance of Professional Design and Installation

For optimal functionality and aesthetics, professional design and installation are essential:


NJ Backyard Outdoor Speaker and Light Expert Installation
Outdoor Speaker and Light Expert Installation NJ

Expert Design:

Professionals ensure that the system layout is tailored to your specific landscape, maximizing both the sound and light coverage for an ideal outdoor environment.

Accurate Installation:


Expert installation guarantees that all components are set up correctly, avoiding common mistakes that can affect system performance and durability.

Investing in professional services means ensuring that your outdoor lighting and audio system not only looks good but also performs flawlessly for years to come.

We hope we have helped you better understand this amazing outdoor speaker with lighting by Radiance. We look forward to your questions and feed back on this article. We love this stuff! If you need some inspiration, check out our info on:



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