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New Jersey Home Theater vs Movie Theater.

New Jersey Home Theater VS Movie Theater
Would you prefer a Home Theater or Movie Theater?

People of all ages want it now, call it the microwave generation if you want but when it comes to somethings, we just cant wait! If you have always asked "how long does it take for a feature film to go from the box office to your home" and were not happy with the answer, we have great news for you! Did you hear about the new agreement between Universal Pictures, the world's largest film production company and AMC, the largest movie theater chain in world? They agreed to allow the world to see movies faster at home. AMC Entertainment and Universal Studios have reached an agreement that enables new films to project into your living room or home theater after just three weekends of being played in commercial theaters. It is just as big of an impact for the movie industry that the current pandemic is playing on movie goers.

New Jersey Home Theater vs AMC Movie Theater
AMC Movie Theater vs New Jersey Home Theater

This new deal, gives AMC the ability to show films from Universal for 17 days in the United States, which is a lot quicker than the traditional 90 days . After 17 days (three weekends) Universal has the option to offer these movies through "PVOD" known as Premium Video On Demand services, including AMC Theaters on Demand and Itunes like platforms. It is believed the agreement includes a percentage that will be paid to AMC for the first week of home rentals. These will not be available through your current Hulu, Netflix or other VOD (Video On Demand) streaming accounts.

Some Universal Block Buster franchises include Fast & Furious, Despicable Me and Jurassic World. So it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. and Walt Disney respond to this unforeseeable decision. I mean it was just a few months back when AMC CEO Adam Aron said the company would no longer show Universal movies at its more than 1,000 locations worldwide because of the Trolls World Tour release. If you remember, AMC released Trolls' and The King Of Staten Island directly to "VOD" and commercial theaters simultaneously due to the pandemic.

Movie Theater vs New Jersey Home Theater
New Jersey Home Theater Installation

Our only concern is the the premium price you will pay for your sub par home movie experience.. We highly doubt AMC, Universal or any other party is concerned about the performance of your home audio and video equipment. Here at HiDEF we do not produce the movies or perform on stage, our craft is understanding the science of delivering experiences far greater than a movie theater is capable of. Like you we have been to many commercial theaters but also have the benefit of experiencing jaw dropping home cinemas. You can never compare a private home theater that has been properly designed and calibrated to a commercial theater. Commercial theaters are much larger which does compromise "surround sound" and most likely video resolution. You can not control the masses from cell phone interruptions, children and obnoxious adults ringing out or many other public viewing nuances. Then add the high price of consuming concession food that is made for the masses, not your particular diet or flavor. Lastly, in a post COVID world, what are the risks of an entire family going out to a movie and trying not to touch any surfaces while tying to see if anyone is enjoying the flick under their face mask. You may not desire a fully dedicated Home Theater but you do deserve a space to escape into with your family and be completely immersed in a movie or concert while being able to witness the smile on your families face-

Learn More About Home Theaters For Your New Jersey Home.

There has not been an official "start date" announcement from either company because a majority of theaters across the U.S. are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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