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What Are The Best Planter Speakers for 2024?

Updated: Mar 6

We know a few manufacturers with Planter Speakers that look and sound great.

Everything You Need To Know About Planter Speakers
Planter Speakers, Everything You Need To Know

What are planter speakers?

These outdoor speakers are made to deliver great sound within a close proximity, without being an eyesore. They are great for decks, pool areas and anywhere else you want high quality sound and beautiful aesthetics, Planter speakers come in variety of shapes and sizes, some manufacturer's will even custom build exactly what you want. This expands the possibilities of not only looks, but sounds as well. large enough planters can have multiple speakers and subwoofers as well. In our opinion, when it comes to the best sounding outdoor speakers, planter speakers by Ambisonic,, James Loudspeaker, Sonance and PlanterSpeakers sound the best. This is probably because of the size drivers (speakers) and the air-space the are given inside the planter. Speakers need room to expand, retract and breath which is all possible because of planter speakers size but astonishingly good looks. Most outdoor speakers are built to be small and out of site not being able to give us a true full range of music notes.

The Best Looking And Sounding Outdoor Speakers are Planter Speakers
Ambisonic Planter Speakers Are Among The Best Looking And Sounding Outdoor Speakers

Planter Speakers are completely weather resistant and work best on flat hard surfaces. Depending on the construction, grassy or rocky areas over time could damage the bottom of the planter, especially in commonly wet areas. These speakers can be powered by a regular amplifier or 70v amplifier. If your setting this up with a traditional amplifier you will need to run a wire directly from your amp or receiver to each speaker. If you will be using a 70 volt system you would only need to run a pair of wires, in a loop while connecting to each speaker. Use caution as the 70v wire is a higher voltage and can emit a small shock when touched. We recommend trenching PVC pipe to each location and where the speaker wire will enter the home. Burying the wires will prevent them from being exposed and damaged. The PVC assures maximum protection and makes it very easy to replace the wire in the future or easily add other wires should you need outdoor Wi-Fi or outdoor TV cables. Make sure the polarity of the wires (positive to positive and negative to negative) are connected properly for the best experience. Reversing these will cause lack of bass with poor overall sound quality and possible distortion.

How to choose and care for your planter speakers:

How much space do yo have and how serious are you about immersive sound? Planter speakers look amazing in all sizes and match your landscape design., from shorter planters to taller planters and even bench seating is available with your choice of speakers. You can also have multiple speakers and even a subwoofer in the planter. The speaker direction should also be considered, some planters have speakers on one side, all sides and even out of the bottom. This is all relevant to placement, will they be against a wall, in a corner or have multiple sides facing neighbors? Make sure you or your installer takes time to correctly design the space and get the best sound field possible. THe surfaces of most planters are paint-able so you wont have a problem matching them perfectly to your exterior spaces. Because they are completely enclosed the mid driver and tweeter are properly tuned to the enclosure for maximum performance. We recommend bringing them in during the harsher months, but these speakers are design to be left outside all year round. If you decide to store your speakers you can easily pull them out of the ground, just make sure you label the speaker wires before disconnecting. You can also cap the outdoor speaker wires (separately) if they will be exposed to the elements. Although these speakers are weatherproof you will still want to protect them as much as possible.

We also offer Landscape Lighting solutions to keep the vibe going well past sunset.

What size planter speaker do I need and how many?

Planter speakers come in many different sizes. Larger speakers with a 10” Subwoofer will deliver better lower frequencies giving your outdoor sound much more emotion and depth. The mid drivers Can range range from 3” to 6" speakers . When planning on outdoor speaker location you will want to place them evenly to obtain a uniform sound field. We have all been somewhere, where the speakers were too loud in one location and too low in another. To have optimal sound around an area you should space the planters 1 foot apart for every inch of the main speaker. So, if you have a 6” speaker they will approximately cover a 6 foot area, your next speaker would then be approximately 12 feet away (6 feet around each speaker). For other outdoor speaker options please click here.

Outdoor Speaker Ideas With Planter Speakers
Planter Speaker Ideas For Outdoor Speakers
  1. Planter speakers are great for patios, pool areas, Decks and Balconies. If you need more help understanding outdoor satellite speakers or would like assistance in a proper design plan please call 732-530-5511. Or email

Here are a few of our top choices for planter speakers.

Ambisonic Systems Hardscape Series

Planter Speaker by Ambisonic Systems
Ambisonic Systems Planter Speaker
  • Two-Way Ribbon / woofer coaxial high output, high definition loudspeakers

  • Heard Not Seen: Integrated 10" band pass subwoofer

  • Aesthetically pleasing convenient planter box design.

James Loudspeakers

Omni-directional 3-Way Bi-Amped All-Terrain Speaker/Planter OMNI89AT4-P

The James Loudspeaker OMNI89AT4-P combines the high-performance and durability of a best-in-class outdoor speaker with the aesthetic beauty of an aluminum planter designed to house decorative foliage or flowers. The OMNI89AT4-P makes a great addition to the AT Series (All-Terrain) by offering a full-range omni-directional solution when complete 360-degrees of coverage and above ground installation are preferred, or required. The OMNI89AT4-P is available in 15 standard colors, and custom finishes.


High Performance Planter Box Loudspeaker; 6-in. 2-Way-Concrete

Niles Outdoor Speakers outfit your outdoor spaces with sophisticated sound solutions that last a lifetime. Designed to extend the listening environment from the patio to the garden, poolside and beyond, all of our outdoor speakers blend the classic Niles high-fidelity sound seamlessly into their surroundings.

Planter Speakers

a modern slatted Planter Speaker designed for the outdoors. The finely tuned enclosure and premium components give this planter a rich sound usually reserved for boutique speakers. Live plants will thrive in its deep planter space. We included a drainage tube soft bags for planting inside the speaker.



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