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We get it, you know you have an ear and want a larger speaker than offered in the previous packages. The Totem Kin Play is the evolution of audio, designed for our generation of music lovers but loved by all. Completely powered and ready to perform anything you stream through them, including the warm sound of vinyl. The Marantz turn table also plays second to none in its class.


Package Contents:

  • 1pr. Totem Acoustic Kin Play Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Built In Bluetooth Receiver and Phono or Line Input
  • 1ea. Marantz TT-42 Belt Drive Turntable with Dust Cover
  • 1ea. Wire & Cable Interconnects and Speaker Wire if Necessary
  • 1ea. Delivery & Remote Hookup Instructions


HIDEF to Provide:

  • Front Porch Delivery
  • Setup Instructions
  • Facetime Support

I Need Bigger Totem Speakers - Turntable Package

Speaker Color
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