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Totem Rainmake bookshelf speakersi barely used / like new.


The Totem Rainmaker possesses a startling adeptness at delineating and resurrecting detail and structure in music. The Rainmaker’s flexible surround applications give it the power to be the cornerstone of your musical and AV experience. With the ability to perform well in various musical and A/V environments, the Rainmaker brings absolute music to the ears.

Totem Rainmaker Bookshelf Speakers Demo Pair

$950.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
  • peaker Type    Indoor
    Color    Mahogany
    Number of Drivers    2
    Frequency Response    42 Hz - 20,000 Hz
    Sensitivity    87.5 dB/W/m. Maximum sound pressure before dynamic compression
    Amplifier Recommended Range    30 watts - 100 watts
    Impedance    4 ohms
    Additional Information    • Break-in Time: 70 - 100 hours
    High-Frequency Drivers    1"
    Midrange Drivers    5.5"
    Crossover Information    2,300 Hz
    Width    6.8 inch(es) / 17.27 cm
    Height    14 inch(es) / 35.56 cm
    Depth    9.1 inch(es) / 23.11 cm
    Weight    5.44 kg (each)

  • *All pricing is subject to applicable sales tax.

    *Some demo and/or trade-in equipment may be missing accessories, boxes, manuals, etc.  

    *HiDEF will assist obtaining these accessories if desired for an additional cost. 

    *All sales on demo and/or trade-in items are final.  If any equipment is purchased and it is discovered something is not working correctly, a store credit will be issued. 

    *Promotional Pricing is Good while supplies last. 

    Limited quantities are available. 

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