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JBL Synthesis S2S Subwoofer Demo Speaker Like New / Barely Used


The S2S-EX Ported Subwoofer is designed to deliver the powerful, deep bass that is demanded by the movie soundtracks and music of today. It has an impressive 15″ (380mm) cast-frame woofer (Model: W1500H) that is capable of producing the deepest lows without distortion. The ingenious Kevlar®-Kapok material in the woofer cone provides the rigidity needed to realistically replicate your favorite film’s special effects and musical performances without any additional coloration. The industrial grade cabinetry uses internal interlocking horizontal and vertical braces to provide a strong, rigid enclosure. JBL’s patented SlipStream™ low frequency port design works in concert with the woofer to produce deep bass response at all playback levels. The double-flared shape of the port is precisely engineered for greater low-frequency extension and reduced turbulence. Added to these features is the ability of the S2S-EX to be oriented either vertically or horizontally which provides flexibility in built-in applications. The S2S-EX is also a direct-fit replacement for older S2S subwoofers in existing systems. The S2S-EX gives multi-channel systems just the bass they are looking for.

JBL Synthesis S2S Subwoofer Demo Speaker

$3,000.00 Regular Price
$1,599.00Sale Price
  • S2S-EX Highlights

    • W1500H transducer with 15″ (380mm) Kevlar®-Kapok reinforced cone

    • Symmetrical Field Geometry™ motor structure

    • Super-Vented GAP™ cooling (patent no. 5,042,072)

    • Specially optimized dual SlipStream™ ports (patent no. 7,711,134)

    • Industrial cabinetry with interlocking internal braces

    • 3200-watt peak power capacity

    • Frequency response down to 20Hz

    • Grille included

    • Vertical or horizontal orientation

    • Front ported enclosure for easy installation as built-in

    • Retrofitable in current S2S applications

    General Specifications

    THX® Ultra™ Passive Subwoofer
    Speaker type 15” Passive Subwoofer with dual front-firing ports
    Power Rating 1,200 watts (recommended); 3,200 watts (peak)
    Frequency response 22Hz – 400Hz
    Sensitivity (ground plane) 93dB (1 watt at 1 meter) @ 60Hz
    Recommended maximum amplifier power 800 watts
    Nominal impedance 8 ohms
    Transducer 15” Kevlar®-Kapok cone transducer (Model
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 27.5” x 21” x 15” (16.6” with grille) (699mm x 533mm x 381mm) (432mm with grille)
    Weight (grille included) 125lbs (56.7kg)
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    *Some demo and/or trade-in equipment may be missing accessories, boxes, manuals, etc.  

    *HiDEF will assist obtaining these accessories if desired for an additional cost. 

    *All sales on demo and/or trade-in items are final.  If any equipment is purchased and it is discovered something is not working correctly, a store credit will be issued. 

    *Promotional Pricing is Good while supplies last. 

    Limited quantities are available. 

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