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Spinbase is a compact all-in-one powered speaker system for turntables with room-filling, 270º sound and feedback-free performance.


What is Spinbase?

Spinbase is a compact all-in-one speaker system for turntables, designed for today's vinyl lover. It packs room-filling sound, simple operation, and easy connectivity in a compact package that sits comfortable under your favorite turntable. Spinbase includes Bluetooth for playing music wirelessly.


The Spinbase audio system utilizes a clever arrangement of two woofers and two tweeters to produce an expansive stereo image. Traditional component systems create "sweet spots", which only provide one ideal listening location. Spinbase fills the room with a surprisingly balanced sound stage, making every location the best place to listen.


Spinbase connects to any turntable (with magnetic or ceramic cartridge), whether it has a built-in preamp or not. The product also supports additionally auxiliary devices, such as music streamers or players.


Bass and Treble EQ controls are available on the back panel, so users can customer tune the sound of Spinbase to their preference.


Spinbase accomodates large size turntables, including the Numark TT-100, Technics SL-230, and Audio Technica LP-120. As long as your turntable feet fall within Spinbase’s dimensions (see diagram below) you are good!

Spinbase All In One Turntable Speaker System

    • Bluetooth
    • Phono Input / Line Input / Headphone Out
    • Built-In Phono Pre-Amp
    • Bass + Treble EQ Controls / Ceramic Cartridge Switch
    • 270º Soundstage
    • IsoGroove Feedback Elimination Technology
    • Class D Amplification / 18W RMS per channel
    • Frequency Range: 60hZ-20kHz
    • Dimensions: (18in/46cm W, 13.5in/34cm L, 3.25in/8cm H)
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