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You may hear music lovers mention a two channel set up or stereo set up and begin to smile. A two channel set up is just that, a left and a right channel speaker giving you a stereo listening expereince. When placed far enough apart, with the right power and right source it is truly amazing. You start to single out the instruments along with hearing the depth of a  w i d e  sound stage and feeling a slight rythemic punch in your chest. Emotion is the magic of music and seperation is the magic of two channel. If your curious about two channel this is the best set up to get your vinyls back out and take a spin-


Package Contents:

  • 1pr. Totem Acoustic Kin Play Mini Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Built In Bluetooth Receiver and Phono or Line Input
  • 1ea. Marantz TT-42 Belt Drive Turntable with Dust Cover
  • 1ea. Wire & Cable Interconnects and Speaker Wire if Necessary
  • 1ea. Delivery & Remote Hookup Instructions


HIDEF to Provide:

  • Front Porch Delivery
  • Setup Instructions
  • Facetime Support

What is 2 Channel - Speaker and Turntable Package

Speaker Color
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